Medical Oxygen Generators

Medical oxygen generators have been proposed as an answer to the high cost cryogenic supply including logistical challenges associated with oxygen cylinders and huge amounts of cryogenic gas, which is by far the traditional method of supply.

Being dependent on medical oxygen, which is potentially lifesaving, a reliable oxygen supply is therefore of vital importance for health facilities and emphasizes the significance of considering reliable PSA medical oxygen generators as an alternative or additional source.

We are Distributors of Medical Oxygen Generators from the Nordic Countries produced in Finland.

We can supply from 10L/min to 665L/min Oxygen Generators. The bigger ones have an excellent Oxygen price efficiency (167€ / liter ratio).
The payback time for the units is very short and can be calculated based on your hospitals oxygen consumption and oxygen price.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.